I created the main artwork for the packaging as well as a key visual for a newly founded beverage company from Hamburg. Together with founder Marcin Lacki, we established a clean, but still ornate packaging for this new kind of basil lemonade. All product photos provided courtesy of Marcin Lacki and Abstract Flavour.

It took us a bit to get on the same page for the packaging. After a few weeks of me sketching and a complete do-over sometime in between, we finally agreed on a design, that is a mix of an abstract crystalline center, that is surrounded by basil leaves.

For the key visual the idea was to create an abstract woman, that is both very sensual as well as dreamy at the same time. The colors are derived from the packaging, and there's also hints of basil surrounding the portrait. This whole artwork is completely hand-drawn using nothing but Adobe Illustrator Draw.

The key visual was actually created to be turned into a mural right in the center fo St. Pauli in Hamburg. It took my a few days, but you can now find it at Paul-Roosen-Straße. Full format is around 6 to 12 meters.

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