After already working with the art department of ECB for Luminale 2018, I got asked to create two murals for the old Eurotower in the center of Frankfurt/Main. While one of them was a real painting in front of the fitness area inside the building, the other one was printed and attached using adhesive foils right at the entrance at the ground floor.​​​​​​​

Chameleon // Fitness Area
Roughly 3 to 3 meters, acrylics, spray paint and markers.

Everything is hand-painted without any rulers. I also didn't use a beamer for this one. 

Butterfly // Entrance / Ground Floor
The printed area is about 7 to 1,5 meters.

Final Artwork // Details
I used Adobe Illustrator as well as Adobe Illustrator Draw to create an all vector artwork. Everything you see is again hand-drawn.

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