This is a completely personal project. I wanted to do something »non-digital«, so I had the idea of creating real-sized butterflies. Every one of them is hand-drawn on thick paper, the feelers are made out of wire, wax and aerosols. Since all those single pieces are very delicate and easy to break, I wanted to preserve them in frames. Every frame got it's own hand drawn background.
Butterflies mostly are seen as beautiful and amiable but at the same time very vulnerable creatures. People mostly are happy see them, even though it's mostly just a short pleasure.
On the other hand there is the idea of the Butterfly Effect, that even the smallest event can have a big influence in life. I wanted to combine all those things, mixing some messages I personally like with the beauty of a butterfly. It's a little bit of a collection of »words to live by«, ideas that might have a positive influence on people's lives (or maybe just my own, but nonetheless). 
Out of this project emerged the idea to really bring those butterflies to the people and the city. This is why I started to create another series, this time printed versions, but thousands of them. Find more about it here:

All photos have been shot in Berlin. If you're interested to find out where exactly, check my map on Instagram.

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