A while ago I started a little personal project, where I created hand-drawn butterflies with different incorporated messages.You can find it here: THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT. After shooting photos of them in public spaces I thought it might be a good idea to spread them around the city (and later the world). Since the »original« versions just took too much time to create, I thought about finding a way to make swarms of them some other way. It took me quite some time to find a technique to get them produced, but after a while I got it done.. After printing and cutting, I fold them and add some tape to every single one of them.
Right now there are thousands of butterflies spread everywhere in Europe, Asia, South America. I gave them away, left them in bars, clubs, restaurants, exhibitions, on bikes, tables etc… There's nothing more in it than making people smile, even if it's just for a few seconds. I hope it works!
A special thank you goes out to Eike König and his cup of coffee, where I first saw this great line:

»Life is a gift, not a fuckin' mission!«