For the release of the new Galaxy Note8 by SAMSUNG I was asked to create 6 illustrations for the official »Reviewer's Art Guide«. The idea was to illustrate six key features of SAMSUNG's newest smartphone for some selected journalists in Germany. There were two versions of each artwork: One including colors - so basically finished - and another one for the journalists to color on their own, using the S Pen on the Galaxy Note8. They would also be released online by SAMSUNG as part of their NEWSROOM
S Pen 

The new S Pen opens up new possibilities to write, draw and communicate. Using »Live Messages«, you can now create animated texts or drawings and share them instantly.
Iris Scanner

The Galaxy Note8 recognizes the user by his or her eyes. The new iris scanner is especially useful in moments where you don't have a free hand. 
Resistant to water and dust

You don't have to worry about rain, wind or dust anymore.

SAMSUNG's virtual assistant BIXBY helps you with your to-do list, recognizes your daily habits and always remembers your schedule.​​​​​​​
Infinity Display

The new infinity display is just as wide as it is elegant. It adds more possibilities of using your phone to your daily life as well as your profession, while still maintaining a comfortable look and feel.
Dual Camera

Two eyes are better than one. So the Galaxy Note8 has two different cameras instead of just one. This powerful dual lens camera will breathe new life into your pictures and videos.​​​​​​​

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