This is an ongoing project for me to learn new techniques and play around with different devices with various apps. All drawings are completely digital, using an iPad Pro, a pretty old Wacom Cintiq and a Surface Pro VI. While I did some sketching in Photoshop Sketch and some final color correction in Photoshop, most of what you see was done in Adobe Fresco.

This project will hopefully be finished after 12 drawings, that I will use for a new calendar. I still haven't decided on all the different kinds of birds. So I'm definitely open to suggestions!

UPDATE: The calendar is finally available! Get it here: » ANDREAS PREIS STORE «

cheers . andreas



European Goldfinch

Crimson Topaz Hummingbird


Toco Toucan​​​​​​​




Snowy Owl

Northern Cardinal

World of Birds

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